"A poem is a naked person. Some people say I am a poet."
--Bob Dylan

Occasional bouts of misanthropy, but if you wear that velvet dress...

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In Islam, Satan is identified as the single angel who, setting himself apart from all other angelic beings, refused God’s command to bow down before Adam on the day of his creation. When questioned by the Creator as to why he disobeyed, the Devil answered that he bowed down solely to the Divine, not to any of the created. Unrepentant, he also argued that God’s will determines all things, so it would not have been possible for him to refuse God’s command unless God himself had allowed him to do so.

For this, he was banished from Heaven and was taken away from the presence of God. No more does the eye of God enlighten him; no more will the touch of God give him joy.

But in spite of this punishment, he has never lost his love for God.

He alone, of all beings in the cosmos, loves God without gain, without hope, without even the possibility of feeling loved in return. Thus, seen objectively, this unrequited love is the most pure of any. The Devil serves without reward.

Even while bearing the burden of eternal separation, the Devil has taken on the thankless and usually misunderstood task of creating obstacles for human beings. What few realize is that, through rising above these obstacles, we are able to rise where he cannot go, stepping over him in our ascent toward our own higher natures. The Devil toughens us, forces us to remain awake, an offers lessons as no other angel can. Would we ever have learned to walk if our parents had continued to carry us everywhere? Our troubles and temptations, even if truly given to us by the Devil, are still ultimately gifts of God.


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Green Dancer

Here’s a very loose and painterly sketch. Some people like to see careful drawing and detail, but for my money (if I had any money) my more spontaneous pieces are a lot more fun.

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06:30"In my early shows, I wanted to put myself through a new childhood, disintegrating my whole identity to let the real one emerge. I became a human jukebox, learning all those songs I had always known, discovering the basics of what I do. The cathartic part was in the essential act of singing. When is it that the voice becomes an elixir? It’s during flirting, courtship, sex. Music’s all that."

Jeff Buckley

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Accidentally left my phone on data roaming last night and oh my god 



At Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. It was a bright day. I remember the two train rides and one bus ride it took to get there. A cigarette break before each boarding. A cigarette before getting in the camp.

Things Rob told us: That layout was designed in the shape of a triangle. Representing the social order Nazism sought, with the Fuhrer at the pinnacle. The moment you crossed the gates, the smell of death, disease and 30,000 unwashed prisoners would hurl at you. A former prisoner said that even after decades, he could still smell the rank of the camp when he wakes up. I thought about the ways prisoners remain prisoners even after they’ve been freed.

Long rectangles paved with stones marked where barracks used to be. A few remained standing, turned into museums. One was furnished with beds, chests and tables reconstructed from the accounts of former prisoners. I remember looking up to see paint peeling from the wood. And then wood itself peeling from the wood. Once in a while you see white flowers placed in various spots. Left by visitors. 

One of the things that touched, gripped, and stayed with me was the stories of kindness of prisoners. Some prisoners were treated better than others. Those who were treated better, who could get more food, would  secretly break half of their bread and give it to the other prisoners. Some would give those with an artistic flair some paint and canvas. Tell them to paint. Give them a chance to create beauty in a place that was hell. Something to remind them that life wasn’t always like this. It reminded me of Nail Gaiman’s aunt who risked reading in the camps. In the morning when she would sew with the rest of women, she would tell them the story. If anyone had found her reading, she would have died. But she risked her life for a story. All those women did. And even at the worst, these people risked their lives just to give a little more bread to someone. 

Rob told us about the different ways they were tortured. One where they hung with shoulders broken on a pole. Hands up. No religion would be set up for these people. Theirs was a truly lonely and cruel crucifixion. Some prisoners had to run 40km while bearing a weight of 10kg every day. Or was it 20kg? I remember Rob being so quietly respectful & amazed when he said that some managed to do it for a few days. 

He told us how these cruelties were so terrible, so inhumane, that they had to make sure that no one officer did all the work. Torturing was split up into various little menial tasks that different officers executed so that they wouldn’t bear the full psychological reality of what they were doing. It used to be that a soldier would shoot a man at a field every day. But this was inefficient. Because the soldier would eventually shoot himself too.

15:40"Although we read with our minds, the seat of artistic delight is between the shoulder blades. That little shiver behind is quite certainly the highest form of emotion that humanity has attained when evolving pure art and pure science. Let us worship the spine and its tingle."

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Anonymous: tips for picking up a girl?

I would say…use a fireman carry. it’s uncomfortable for the girl if you lift vertically, since all the force is going to the friction against her skin, instead of resting upon you, and also a vertical lift is cumbersome to your field of vision and mobility. Depending on her weight, remember to keep your core and your back straight, or you could risk serious spinal damage.